When I reflect on immigrants, my mind always goes to Lazo of Lazo’s Restaurant in Chicago.  http://lazosrestaurant.com/  (I think it was orginially Lazo’s Tacos)  When I first moved to Chicago, in 1981, I found Lazo’s to be a convenient place to pick up an affordable burrito on my way home from the El stop on Western.  This was especially welcome on the freezing cold nights when there was just no food in the house.  To this day, you can still get an awesome Steak Burrito for $6.25.

Over the years, Lazo expanded his restaurant from one storefront wide, to two wide, then three.  It became a landmark and went from Lazo being the sole cook and bottle washer, to a neighborhood family restaurant, which employed many young people, keeping them out of gangs and on the path to completing their education and perhaps college.  It became a gathering place where people celebrated and live bands performed mariachi and other music.

If immigration brings us more Lazos, I’m all for it.