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Burying Babs

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Of course we are hearing all the great things Barbara Bush did and how wonderful she was as a person.  Strange how people always seem to improve with death.  Sharing my recollection, of how she behaved in the aftermath of Katrina, when her son’s response was slow and tedious; Barbara was shown on camera, sitting […]


It’s a Bust Out

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The important thing to realize, is that the cabinet members, Pruitt, DeVos, Carson, etc; are all doing exactly what Trump wants them to do. That is, to “bankrupt” their respective agencies, making them look weak, ineffectual and expensive. This, in order to eliminate these agencies in the future.


Donald J Trump Foundation 2016 Tax Returns

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While we may not be able to access DJT’s personal returns, Form 990 is required to be public information. As such, this document is republished utilizing Guidestar. While this return has not been analyzed by tax professionals for Oregon Progressive, it does appear, they playing funny with the money. Oregon Progressive has not been able […]

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