I’m seeing it every day.  Trump is becoming normalized.  Despite everything we now know, I’m seeing more Trump flags flying from obscene Monster trucks, more Trump T-shirts in public places, and most importantly, more Republican voter registration.

Why is this happening? A significant percentage of the population nationally, and specifically, here in Oregon, prefer to keep their heads in the sand when it comes to gun laws and the danger unfettered access and public carry represent.  They believe they are in constant threat of dying at the hands of terrorists.  Ironically, many of the Monster truck set also support legal marijuana.  Why?  It’s fun to get stoned and shoot guns.

They believe that all the oil in the world is ours and up for grabs, but the supply is unlimited and it does no harm to burn it all. They believe climate change is not a threat to them or their children.  That Mexican immigrant families (they’re all Mexicans to them) are illegally entering our country in massive waves on a daily basis and illegally obtaining benefits.  They believe the government funds abortion.  And they believe the Russian interference in our election is overstated hype which in no way affected outcomes.

Many of these are folks that attend church regularly.  They believe that Jesus should be taught in public schools but no other religion.  They believe in Prosperity theology.  That God blesses only the right people and only the right people have rights.  Ironically, they believe in survival of the fittest, but no Evolution.

I’m not going to waste time refuting these beliefs.  People gonna do, what they gonna do.  They gonna believe what they believe.  But I am going to appeal to the Blue side, the Progressive side, the Green side.  If you disagree with any of the views stated above, consider that Oregon is threatened as a bastion of Blue.  Particularly in Marion County where major party registration is nearly half and half.

Marches are great.  Do that.  Peacefully.  Door knocking is great.  Do that.  Posting rants?  Sure, do that too.  But the most important thing you can do, is vote Blue.  And resist.

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